Toronto Photobooth Answers

Q. What is your service Area?

A: KoolPicX Toronto Photo Booth Rental Service area is Toronto and the GTA. We can also provide Photo Booth Rentals outside GTA subject to a travel charge

Q. How good is the photo quality?

A: KoolPicx Toronto Photobooth prints are studio quality. We use the same professional cameras and printers that are used in studios to the quality of the images are guaranteed to be optimal

Q. How portable are Koolpicx Toronto Photo Booths?

A. Our photo booth is ultra-compact and highly portable. It can be set-up in any small space and only requires a power source

Q: Are Koolpicx Toronto Photo Booths actual enclosed booths?

A: No, our Toronto Photobooths are open concept Photo Booths

Q. Is there a Minimum Rental Time for Koolpicx Toronto Photobooths?

A: Minimum Rental time is Two Hours. However, you can add additional time based on your requirements

Q. Can I use KoolPicX Toronto Photo Booths and Video Booths outside?

A: Yes you can. However, we require it to be a sheltered area such as a tent

Q. What are the setup requirements for a Koolpicx Toronto Photo Booth Rental?

A: We are happy to make an onsite visit to advise you the best location for the Photobooth. Generally it is recommended to have to photo booth away from the dance floor and Bar areas but within a prominent area in the reception hall

Q. Can we have a special message displayed on our prints?

A: Yes Of course, the prints as well as the Photobooth touch screen is fully customizable. We can add a custom message, colors, image or branding to the Photobooth touch screen and prints. The artwork will be submitted for your review prior to the event date to ensure you are happy with the graphics

Q. How many pictures can be taken during the event?

A: Unlimited prints throughout the duration of your event

Q. Do you charge the guests to have their photo taken?

Absolutely not. The prints are free of charge!

Q. How many people can we fit in the Photo Booth?

A. Unlike the Photo Booths you see in malls, Koolpicx Toronto Photo Booths are “Open Concept Photobooth”. This means you can have up to 10 or more people captured in each photo

Q: How Early should I book KoolPicX Toronto Photo Booth Service

A: We take reservations on first come first serve basis as we only do a limited number of events on any given day. We recommend you to contact us as soon as your decide on your event date

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A: We except cash, cheque, email money transfers and credit cards

Q. Okay I am interested, What do I need to book KoolPicX Toronto Photo Booth Service?

A: Once you make your decision, we require you to sign the service agreement and make a $200 advance payment to reserve the date for your event. Contact Us today!

KoolPicX Toronto Photo Booth Rentals

"KoolPicX Photo Booth was a great addition to our wedding. The pricing was VERY reasonable and the photo quality was great. We loved the fact that Koolpicx was able to provide a photo booth that accommodated more people in one photo. Our guest thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth... glad we selected Koolpicx Toronto Photo Booth for our Wedding!!"

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